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Beta Info for 2021-22
  1. Beta is a service honor society.
  2. Parents do not attend meetings.
  3. Jr. Beta Club invitations were sent home on September 7, 2021. Our schools are using an entirely new student information system (Power School) this year, so we know there may be some errors. If your child was in Beta last year, and doesn't receive an invitation, please let Mrs. Osborne know ASAP. Also, if you feel your child should have gotten an invitation and did not, please send me a copy of last year's final report card so that I can calculate their cumulative average. Students must have a 92% cumulative average across the 4 core subject areas.
  4. To join the 5th Grade Remind for Beta, text the remind code, @wisbeta5th, to 81010.
  5. To join the 6th Grade Remind for Beta, text the remind code, @wisbetasix, to 81010.
  6. Beta dues of $50 were due to Mrs. Osborne by Friday, September 17, 2021.
Beta Meetings

Beta meetings will generally be held the first Tuesday (5th grade) and Wednesday (6th grade) of each month. If that changes, we will let you know. We will meet right after school (stay in 7th period until called). We will end promptly at 4:30. Pick-up will be in the car line by the side gym doors.