Just the Facts:

    Just the Facts: Questions in competitions come from all academic areas, as well as pop culture and daily events. It is possible to study for scholars' bowl; however, paying attention the world around you is the best way to prepare for matches! Questions can come from anywhere, so always keep your eyes and ears open!

    Tryouts will be posted each year throughout the school. They will also be announced on the WIS News each morning the week before tryouts. If you are interested in trying out, pay attention to postings around the school. Contact Mrs. Osborne before tryouts if you have a conflict. You must take a written test to try out. The team is chosen from test results, as well as teacher recommendations. The team will be posted on the cafeteria doors. The team will also be posted here as an attachment. Practice will be Wednesday afternoons until 4:15.

    2021-22 Scholars Bowl Tryouts

    Any students who are interested in Scholars Bowl tryouts: Tryouts are Thursday, September 16th, immediately after school. They will be finished by 4:15 at the latest. Pick-up will be in front of the school.

    Scholars' Bowl

    Scholars' Bowl is a club for hard working, trivia loving, 5th and 6th grade students.

    Remind Info: text @nerds15 to 81010